What do you learn from growing a chatbot agency and helping SO many people get results you’re invited to speak at the Manychat Conference?


My Chatbot Agency Blueprint will walk you through getting all of the chatbot clients you want, and then blowing their minds with results!


You’re sick of trying to explain the value of chatbots to prospects only to realize that they become even more confused afterwards.

You’re tired of being STUCK in imposter syndrome and wondering if you’re even good enough at them to offer them as a service.

And you know that if you could just find a way to start landing clients consistently, get stellar results, and do it all without killing yourself over fulfillment, you’ll finally have an unstoppable level of agency growth, just like Derek:

Don't get me wrong...

There are plenty of services an agency can offer.

But don’t you think being able to build a chatbot in about an hour and getting paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to do it is a no brainer service to offer??

Yeah, I think so too. Especially when there’s a blueprint that has the power to explode your agency without any guesswork or sales skills!

How much time are you spending:
  • Second-guessing your own skills with chatbots
  • Trying to think of innovative, new solutions but not really knowing where to start 
  • Wondering how to niche down or what kinds of bot services to even offer 
  • ​Building custom chatbots for every client if you’re already offering services
  • ​Frustrated at how many business owners you talk to about chatbots that just don’t “get it”
This is NOT how you should be spending your time.
You should be spending it feeling confident, breezing through new builds for clients, and glowing with confidence as you watch the results roll in.

But Let's Be Real...

Offering Chatbots as a service has NOT been the answer for you, has it?

If you’ve tried in the past (or have been considering it)
 one of these things left you licking your wounds:

  • You hit closed door after closed door from prospects who you KNOW you could help (if they would just take a second to understand the bigger picture)
  • ​You spent too much time working on a chatbot buildout, only to get little to no results for your clients
  • You end up too confused on how to build an effective bot to begin with, and feel stuck in “beginner mode” when you REALLY want to be an authority player and provide the best services inside of your agency
  • ​Underpricing your services because you just can’t find it in you to believe in yourself 

Sound about right?
I've helped others in your shoes many times before.

What if I told you there IS a way to finally “master the art of building a successful chatbot agency” - and that it just requires a blueprint you haven’t seen yet?

Look, there are two types of agency owners...

Type #1 is lying awake at night wondering if they’ll ever figure out the “missing ingredient” for scaling their agency…

They’re hopping between shiny objects left and right and getting nowhere.
They want to be good at bots and offer it as a service because they understand the value chatbots provide…

But they’re not sure if they’ll ever be able to convince enough prospects that the services are worth paying for (especially at the price they want to offer it).

And even when they do land a client, they think to themselves, “what next?” and second guess their abilities the entire way.

Most of them are afraid of getting their clients’ accounts shut down.

Some of them are even expecting chatbots to be an easy A - and then feeling really defeated when they find out they’ll actually take work.

Why does this happen?

Because the industry is FULL of misinformation about chatbots. If you’re Type #1 it’s really NOT your fault.

But let’s talk about Type #2:

They’re waking up in the morning CONFIDENT about the day they’re going to have selling and fulfilling their chatbot services.

They know they have all of the necessary tools, knowledge, resources and support to figure out any problem or algorithm change.

And they feel like they really understand the platform, so the algorithm changes don’t scare them so much anymore.

Not only that, but Type #2 has NO problem finding and closing clients.
In fact, they’re scaling their agency to new heights and even switching chatbots to be the main service they offer!

They’re using systems that help them build new bots in an hour or so, and charge premium prices for the light work!

And they’re getting consistent, incredible results for their clients left and right!

Still, the question is….

Why are most people stuck being Type #1?

Because they haven’t gotten their hands on the Chatbot Agency Blueprint yet!

Hi, I'm Mackensie!

(Speaking at ManyChat's Conversations Conference 2018 and 2019)

And simply put, you should trust me because I’ve been helping agency owners finally get a handle on growing their chatbot agency and  providing incredible services to boot!
And over...
And over again
Believe it or not, a few years ago I was a scientist (A Cytogeneticist) testing chromosomes for abnormalities, and knew nothing about chatbots or growing an agency.

What I did know was that my family was rarely allowed to go on a fun outing because my husband and I worked opposite hours, and I worked a LOT (for not enough pay, might I add).

More than anything, I just wanted my family to actually have family time together, but this isn’t where I say “so I started an agency and the rest is history!” because that’s not what happened at all.
I DID start an agency, but I was running Facebook Ads for clients. I got my first client after 5 months. And he turned out to be a huge headache to say the least.

About 9 months into owning my agency I started using chatbots with restaurant clients and something clicked.

At 12 months  I was finally able to go full-time with my agency and take complete control of my life.

Since then I’ve become a ManyChat Marketing Expert, ManyChat Agency Partner, have a group of over 9,000 agency owners who I’ve helped finally crack the code for themselves, ALL with the same methods I teach inside of ...

The Chatbot Agency Blueprint

The Blueprint is 
designed to help YOU:
  • Put together a system for getting Chatbot clients even if you have zero sales skills (I wasn’t great at sales either when I started!)
  • ​Stay AWAY from headache clients and choose your niche and services wisely  
  • ​Discover what’s actually important to learn to build effective chatbots and leave the rest for another time so you can start getting results 
  • ​Doing it all on LESS time so you can build your business to scale without killing yourself doing all the fulfillment
  • ​Use templates and frameworks so you can get consistent results for your clients (and they won’t even care that you used the template or framework to begin with!)

How Will The Chatbot Agency Blueprint Help You?

Module 1: How to Build a Bot that Gets Results
Never overthink yourself into submission again and know, without a doubt, the steps to build a bot that will get your clients results.

Module 2: Copy & Messaging That Converts 
Messenger copy is NOT like Facebook Ad copy or social media copy. It’s way more interactive and needs a different touch. So in the second module, I cover how to write chatbot copy that will keep your subscribers engaged and actually convert them into sales.  

Module 3: List Growth Messenger Bots 
Of course, you’ll also need to help your clients get bot subscribers to begin with, right? In this module I cover Growth Tools, Facebook ads, and more to make sure you have no shortage of methods to help them get all the subscribers they want.

Module 4: Integration Station  
You don’t really realize what chatbots are capable of until you realize what you can integrate them with. Need to automate scheduling for your clients in acuity? There’s an integration for that. Zapier? Check. What about paying through PayPal directly through the bot? Yep you can do that too. And I’ll show you how.

Module 5: Organic List Growth!
Whether you’re using the comment growth tool on a Facebook Post, turning your livestream viewers into subscribers, or even using referral methods - you’ll have no shortage of organic methods for getting subscribers in case your clients prefer that route.

Module 6: Client Acquisition (Even if You’re Bad At Sales) 
This module breaks down everything you need to know to get chatbot clients. From which niches and types of clients you need to explore, how to find them, the stupid simple method I use to close them (along with a case study) and how to stop explaining yourself to death and just show them the value instead!

Free Bonus Templates
Although the course teaches you the bot building skills to create practically any kind of bot, I do have some included templates to help you get going day one!
These include:
  • A general Lead Generation template that collects email and phone number
  • My complete Birthday Bot template including email and SMS opt in, OTN opt in to a reminder message
  • A Client Acquisition template to use in your own bot that will help you get clients
  • ​5 different templates to use with Amazon ecommerce stores
  • Sequence Strategy Framework template to deliver daily content with 24 hour rule
Still curious of what is all included? Here is a walk through of the course...
The main modules alone are EASILY worth $3,000...
But there’s more!
Bonus #1: Guest Expert Vault ($497)
Get access to exclusive interviews from other 6 and 7-figure agency owners to discover how they get clients, wow them, keep them, and grow their successful agencies too!

Bonus #3: Swiss Army Chatbot Arsenal ($1,197)
Templates (client acquisition, lead gen, birthday), quizzes, how to send reminder messages, troubleshooting bots and ads, exporting spreadsheets with subscriber input data so you can use it to fuel business growth, bot breakdowns, PDF checklists and cheat sheets, and more. In a nutshell, when I find or create something you can use that will help you and/or your clients, I add it to the program. 

Bonus #2: Private Student Group ($997)
What’s a successful program without a tight-knit network of successful students to help you grow? 
FAST ACTION BONUS - Enroll before June 1st, 2020 and receive a FREE 30 minute one-on-one recorded strategy call with Mackensie! ($247 value)
During our call, I will help you with your most pressing issue around bots or your agency, whether that be figuring out a technical or strategy issue with your bot, or if you want to map out a game plan for your chatbot agency!

But This ALL Goes Away Very, Very Soon!

And here’s the thing…

Everything in Chatbot Agency Blueprint is incredibly powerful when you put it to use.

But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity?

Where will you be next year?

Struggling to get the clients and growth you want in your agency?
So frustrated you can’t even face your family and friends who you told this would definitely work?

Still wondering how you’re going to get your time because the services you’re offering are TOO time consuming.

Still looking at everyone around you that’s winning with chatbots and wondering “why them, and not me?”

Still wondering if you’re good enough - or feeling depressed because you spend so much time doubting yourself?
Maybe realizing a year too late that the only difference between you and people who actually are succeeding with their agencies are people who weren’t afraid to get the help and take the leap.


But what happens if you do take advantage of this limited-time steal on Chatbot Agency Blueprint?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of my other students:
They’re confident.

Scoring high-ticket clients and raising their prices.

Building bots quickly and never getting bogged down in fulfillment.

Scaling rapidly because it’s finally starting to “click” for them.

Making more money than they ever made before.

Loving the agency owner life now that they’re doing it the right way.

So let’s be honest - you’re here because you’re struggling with something.

What would it be worth to you to turn it around:

I ask because Chatbot Agency Blueprint is designed to do exactly that - turn your situation around!

I teach this in a few different ways.

You can pay $5,000 to get me to coach you directly.

Or, you can take advantage of the Chatbot Agency Blueprint for

Only $997 !

To get results like  THIS



or even THIS

One More Time, Here’s What You Get:

Chatbot Agency Blueprint (Total Value $3,000): To give you the A-Z system you can use to grow your chatbot agency AND deliver bots that get results for your clients!
Bonus #1 (Guest Expert Interview Vault $497): To give you exclusive advice from other 6 and 7-figure agency owners on how they did it

Bonus #2 (Exclusive Student Group $997): So you have a network of other agency owners just like you, or a little further along to help. The student group alone is an excellent resource for networking, accountability, and ongoing education.

Bonus #3 (Swiss Army Chatbot Arsenal $1,197): A plethora of templates, cheat sheets, over the shoulder walkthroughs, and more at your disposal. Including discovering how to create quizzes and use that data within messenger bots!

At a total value of $5,691

But you only pay $997 for all of this if you join right now!

The doors close on December 5th when the timer runs out!
So, what are you waiting for? 

 Are you ready to finally master chatbots for your agency? 
See What My Other Students & Clients Have to Say:
"As far as I'm concerned, Mackensie Liberman is the queen of messenger marketing. her guidance in all things messenger marketing gave me the knowledge and confidence i needed to start offering it as my primary service to clients. and my business is growing exponentially. i owe so much to her. especially closing my first 3 clients today! thank you Mackensie!" - John B.
"I have since transitioned my entire agency business entirely to messenger bots because of the amazing knowledge she has taught me. I love her course because its both bite sized pieces and in depth information so you can get that quick knowledge that you need!" - Abby W.
"I had 35 additional referrals in July. I have 207 appointments being booked within the next 45 days. Working with Mackensie is hands down the best decision I made for my business. I can't wait to unleash this to market for new clients! " - Kim H.
"Mackensie thank you for your restaurant bot training! I applied the same method and just signed my FIRST bot client at $397 a month! WOOHOO!" - Anil G.
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